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FlexKom are looking for Distributors across Europe and the World. First phase countries are Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Macedonia, the UK and Nederland. The USA is likely to follow very shortly and this is a great time to start building your teams wherever you live in the world.

The company is in Pre-Launch in several countries, but you can still build your business in a non pre-launch country. You will have a distinct first mover advantage, and can become a country leader, with all the financial benefits that brings. you can work from home or get out and work in your local business community

Note that the link below brings you directly to the German site of the company. At the top of the page there is the option to translate to English.

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Probably the best Compensation plan in the industry. Unlike any other compensation plan I've ever seen.

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All you need to know about the FlexKom Global Franchise Opportunity.

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Are you a Retailer looking for new ways to promote your business and retain Customers. FlexKom can help.

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Do you have drive and ambition to build a team and distribute this great new Franchise in your area?

YOu WANT A RESIDUAL INCOME. want to work from home.

​"FlexKom Global Franchise Opportunity" is an independent FlexKom Global Partner

​FlexKom is a German company with huge expansion plans globally. They are initially targeting Europe after a successful test campaign in Turkey, however they have plans to expand into the USA, Australia, Africa and Asia soon (you can register to join if you live in USA,Australia, Asia or anywhere in the world - this gives you a headstart to build your team). They use leading edge technology to provide small to medium sized retailers and service providers with an edge over their larger competitors. Their primary product is a discount or loyalty card that can be used at all FlexKom outlets worldwide. This is one of the unique features of the loyalty card. The other unique feature of the loyalty card is that customers get cash discounts added to their discount card / loyalty card instead of points. With so many franchising opportunities available it is difficult to choose one that fits into your lifestyle. FlexKom offers home franchising opportunities to motivated people, willing to put just a little amount of work in. It is a franchise business with a difference, and it really is a global franchise opportunity.

FlexKom are currently looking for distributors worldwide to promote the business. There are very lucrative bonuses for those who build teams of distributors under them. This is a great time to join the company as they begin their global expansion. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Starting a home business has never been so easy. Work from home with one of the best franchising opportunities around. The internet has spawned  countless internet business opportunities and most are rubbish. A franchise business like the one that this company offers, provides a residual income to people who work from home both in Europe and the USA and globally. Franchising opportunities like this are normally extremely expensive to set-up, but with this company you get access to a global franchise opportunity at a fraction of the cost of a normal franchise business.

Good quality home based business ideas are hard to come by, but you have been fortunate to find a business opportunity that lives in the real world - the world of your local shops. Think of the small local businesses in your area - butchers, bakers, hair salons, restaurants small hotels - all of these and more can benefit from FlexKom. You have a great opportunity of starting a home business that will target these small businesses with something that will help them gain more customers, and may also create a new source of income for them. Work from home but better still get out into your community and spread the word about the FlexKom opportunity. Build a team of distributors, and profit from their efforts as well as your own. Because this is such a new business and the product has not launched yet in most countries, this is a great time to get involved.

The loyalty card business that you have access to here is just the start for this company. Although this is their primary product now, they have exciting plans to introduce new products as time goes by, and these will likely boost the residual income you can earn.

The key now is to build a team of distributors to promote this global franchise opportunity. As mentioned this is a global opportunity, so it doesn't matter if you are in Europe, USA, Australia or anywhere else in the world. This is your time to create a sustainable residual income for you and your family, by promoting this exciting young company.

We are investigating if this is a scam. We recommend that you donot join now.

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